Sunday, September 4, 2011

Subject: Sleeping and eating disorders

Question: Hello, my name is Rebeca I have a 1 yr old daughter, who always like to wake up every night like around 3 a.m.

What can I do? She always fall sleep when I sleep with her at my bed, but not in her own.
What can I do? She cries to much (I am not kidding), and it is really hard to handle it.

Also, she is walking and grabbing things, but she don't want to take her bottle, she doesn't use her hands at all.

What can I do?? help!!



Answer: Dear Rebecca:

Little ones often wake up at night. Their bodies are trying to get regulated to our time schedules. I strongly encourage you to learn baby massage and give her massage at night before she goes to sleep. It will help her sleep deeper and possibly not wake up during the night.

Also, make sure you have a bedtime routine that you adhere to each night. Start by turning down the noise in the house about a half hour before bedtime, soften the lights, turn on some relaxing music. If you bathe her then give her a bath and play with her gently, read a story, then give her a full body massage. Remember how great it feels to get a massage yourself and how much easier it is to fall asleep!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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