Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eating Habits & teething

 Our son will be 6 months old next week. a few days ago he started to refuse the formula. He has no problem eating the fruits and veggies. He is about 15.5 lbs and we are worried he isn't drinking enough formula. He has two bottom teeth already and I am assuming the top two are coming, and this is the problem. when he does accept the bottle he will only drink 3 oz.

Is this OK? He has never been a huge bottle drinker, meaning 4 or 5 oz for feedings was usually enough. He turns his head now when the bottle is offered and we are just a little worried, should we be or is this normal?

Thank you

Answer: Dear Peter:

If he is refusing the bottle right now there isn't much you can do to make him take it. You are probably right and it is the teething which is bothering him. Will he drink it from a sippee cup? This might be a little messy but ease your mind some. If he is eating fruits and veggies he will be okay. This will probably pass after the teeth come in.

Best Wishes!
M Kay Keller

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Comment: Thanks for the response, our son has been eating more formula now, I have noticed a lot less drooling... teething reaction... still doesn't drain the 5 oz bottle, but eats fruits and veggies like a vacuum, thanks again!

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