Monday, August 8, 2011

Won't hold bottle.

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Comment: Thank you, I had never thought about that.

Question: I have a 10 month old daughter that has been bottle fed from day one. All other babies her age and younger will hold their own bottle when feeding. My daughter absolutely refuses.

I tried just laying it on her chest but she will latch onto the nipple and suck air or just lay there and scream. I know she knows how once she held it but didn't get it high enough for milk to get into the nipple. I have tried everything but I won't let her lay there and scream for more than 15 min. Otherwise she is that perfect baby all parents dream of.
Answer: Dear Jessica:

You have a perfectly wonderful baby who won't hold her bottle? Could it be that she prefers your company to holding her own bottle?

Maybe she needs the one on one time. Every human being craves touch and especially little ones. Really she is only going to be little once and you will miss all this closeness someday. Try holding her and the bottle. Eventually she will be pushing you away and you will be wanting her closer.

M Kay Keller

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