Thursday, August 4, 2011

To many issues

Question: My daughter is 25 years of age she was working a good job but partying a lot She was raped after that the first boy that showed her attention she started living with became pregnant and now has moved home and lost her job. The baby is 10 months now she has gone back to beauty school but lies about going to classes. The father of her child does not work is abusive but she still see him as her savior.

I have ask her to go seek help but all she does is lie. I am fed up. I have tried to be supportive babysat for free while she goes to classes, have given her a part time job at my company and she is able to bring baby to work.


Answer: Dear Carol:

Your daughter is 25 years old she is an adult. Let go. Let her reap the consequences of her own actions. Babysitting your grandchild not as a favor to her but just because you want to be a good influence to your grandchild. It sounds like that little one is going to need to know what health behavior is all about and you can be her guardian angel. Besides you have no idea how troubled her life will be in the future.

Let go of your daughter because she can help herself. Let life not be about her anymore make it about the baby. The baby needs a concerned, loving grandparent!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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