Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peeing of pants by 6 yr old

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Comment: Thanks for the quick response. I have also felt my grandson needs to see a counselor. This confirms my thoughts. I will discuss this with his parents.

Question: I am the grandmother of a boy who turned 7 years old today (Jan 2). His parents are divorced - father lives with us and mother lives with a male friend. Therefore, "James" lives in 2 very different households.

He is supposed to be potty trained but still pees his pants when he is doing something and doesn't want to interrupt what he is doing to go potty. He is in 1st grade and pees his pants almost every day.

Please suggest something for me to do for him. I get very upset about this. I appreciate your help.

Answer: Dear Brenda;

A child having pee accidents at the age of 7 needs to see first a pediatrician to rule out any kidney problems and then a counselor to get to the bottom of this behavior. He needs some professional assistance to get to the underlying cause of this behavior. No child wants to be ridiculed in school because they have pee accidents.

Please encourage his parents to seek professional assistance immediately.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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