Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My toddlers need something to do! Help!


Subject: Twins

Question: I have 1yr old twins a boy & a girl, I was wondering what activity to do with them? I was thinking of the library but they don't have anything available for their age until they are 2 years old. I mostly stay at home with them, play with them and also read alot to them, and dance to music. They have tons of toys in their play area, which they enjoy, but I think they get tired of playing with the same ones everyday, cannot go for walks because it's freezing where I live, and really don't want them to catch a cold. I feel like they should be doing so much more other than just playing and reading, and listening to music with mommy, do you moms agree?

Please help!!!


Answer: Dear Karen:

Sounds like considering the weather is cold you are doing a great job of providing activities. Maybe you need to be good to yourself as well.

If you are looking for activities do a search on the Internet for indoor age appropriate activities.

However, children at this age are easily entertained and tend to enjoy doing the same activities over and over again as this is how they learn right now.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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