Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy squealing

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Question: My 13 month old son has taken to squealing at the top of his lungs, especially when we're out in public. He isn't unhappy or mad, he's pleased and excited. I think he just enjoys making the noise, but it means that my husband and I either have to give up on ever having a nice family meal out, or make every one else listen to our son screaming again and again.

I've tried giving him food, a pacifier, toys, distractions, cuddles, playing with him, shushing him, encouraging a quiet voice,etc. He also uses baby signs, but doesn't seem to want anything while he's squealing. Despite our best efforts, he still does it. It's very loud and happens a lot throughout the meal.

I'm familiar with child development from about 5 years on, but this age is still a bit of a mystery to me. Otherwise he's a very happy, outgoing, wonderful baby boy. I realize that squealing at this age is common. I'm just not sure how to effectively deal with it, or, if dealing with it means waiting it out, at what age it tends to disappear.



Answer: Dear Misty:

He is getting way too much attention from you and your husband when he is shrieking. You change your behavior around him. It maybe embarrassing but just IGNORE him when he behaves this way. Don't give him ANY eye contact, talk around him etc....no reaction what so ever.

It will get worse at first and then over time you will realize he has moved onto something new!

M Kay Keller

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