Saturday, July 23, 2011

what to feed a 8 month old?

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Question: My 8 month old daughter refuse to eat baby food and only wants to eat what I'm eating. She does eat rice, oatmeal and barley cereal at least 4 or 5 times a day 3 times from a bowl and 1 or 2 times from a bottle.

She is still is breastfeeding and wakes up 2 or 3 time at night to eat. People have told me I can give her bread, yogurt, chicken, fruits and vegetables is this correct? She still doesn't have teeth. Do I give her wheat bread or grill chicken and what type or yogurt?

There has been no other baby in the family for 24 years to this is new to me.

Any advice?

Answer: Dear Kiara:

Well I am prejudice. Breast milk is best. Babies don't really need solid food much before a year. If she wants what you are eating there is nothing wrong with that. Baby food is not tasteful at all and I fed my own children table food. They are all full grown and doing wonderfully!

She maybe waking up at night hungry for two reasons. 1. She is probably going through a growth spurt and it takes a week or so for your breast milk to catch up with her in supply and nutrition. 2. Her stomach is as big as her fist. She can only hold that much food at one time. She probably needs small snacks during the day to fill her up repeatedly to keep up with her bodies high metabolism.

Hope this helps!

M Kay Keller

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