Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transitions from a crib to a bed....

Questioner: Joy

Subject: transition from a crib to a bed

Question: My daughter just turned 2 on Nov. 18. She loves her crib. We are moving in January to a new house and are currently trying to have a new baby. Should I change to a bed when we move or should I still keep her crib in the new house? I would like her to be out of it before we have a new baby(not pregnant yet!) I am torn on what to do. I don't want her to have too many "new things" at once, but part of me thinks that it is the perfect time to switch. What do you think?

Answer: Dear Joy:

NO! Moving, trying to have a new baby and switching from a crib? How much is a 2 year old suppose to handle in such a short amount of time.

I suggest moving, dealing with the move, allowing her to deal with the move and after a few months then make a gradual change to the new bed. You are not pregnant yet so you have however many months it takes to get pregnant + 9 months to get her switched to a new bed. Relax a little and give tyke some room to keep up emotionally.

I also suggest being prepared to listen to her feelings about how all these changes. Often children deal better with change than we think they do what is missing is our ability to listen to how they feel about the changes.

M Kay Keller

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