Sunday, July 24, 2011

nine yr old accidently viewed sex on internet

Question: While my nine year old was googling certain games, jokingly he typed "sex games" and was exposed to pictures of naked woman.

I discovered this on the history section of my computer and reprimanded him for deliberately looking up this topic.

I found out he typed in sex games again. this time I explained it is normal to be sexually curious but it is not polite to look up this types of photos etc. That sex was for married people etc...I also scared him that the computer is monitored and I could find out again if he does this.

He is a very polite child, has mild form of ADDH, well liked in school, has friends, very attentive christian home environment where no one smokes or drinks.

One evening when I tucked him in bed he shared with me that he wishes he could have sex now and not wait till marriage. I asked him what is sex and he said to be naked and kiss..I reiterated, it is normal to think about sex but it is only appropriate when he becomes a man and is married.

I don't know if I need to see a child psychologist..I am afraid his feelings may escalate. What is the normal sexual drive of a nine year old?

He is active in all sports activities.

thank you so much for your response.

Answer: Dear Helen:

Relax, he is just curious and beginning into puberty. I would suggest going to the library/bookstore and getting books for you on how to talk to your child about sex and answer his questions (realize how uncomfortable you are about this topic) and then getting books for him and you to read together about the human body, puberty and sex.

Nothing gets rid of curiosity quicker than doing homework!

M Kay Keller

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