Monday, July 25, 2011

My babys head circumference

Questioner: Malissa

Question: When I took my 7 month old baby to her Dr. appt. yesterday they told that her head has increased in size from being in the 90% of growing to fast at 44 cm it had went to being 45.8 cm and in the 95% of growing to fast.

What could be causing this and what should I look for when they do the ultra sound???

Please help cause I'm am so scared and confused and I don't know what to expect.

Answer: Dear Malissa:

I can hear the terror in your letter. You need to ask your doctor more questions. Often when things are not explained appropriately and with great detail parents' panic.

I don't know what it means or what the doctor is thinking. You should not be looking for anything when they do the ultra sound, THEY should be doing more explaining.

Do not be afraid to speak up until you get your questions answered and your anxiety lowered.

You are the mother!

Best Wishes!

 M Kay Keller

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