Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 1 yr old boy dislikes me


Question: My little boy is 12 months old, And I am having a really hard time because I feel like he hates me. He has always been more of a daddy's boy,which is fine with me, Of course every once in a while it stings, but it is daddy. But this past weekend for Christmas we were at grandmas

house, and he barely sees her, and he wanted nothing to do with me, only My husband, and grandma, I would be holding him, and he would start crying for one of them, OR he will completely by pass me for her, It was really hurting my feelings, and then she was rubbing it in, which made it worse. I mean he didn't want me once, I am extremely hurt over this,And it seems like he just does not like me, I feel like I must be a horrible mom in his eyes, He just dislikes me, He throws fits in the morning when I get him out of bed sometimes, But he is fine with daddy. I am having a hard time, I spend the most time with him, And I love him so much, we play and play, He does come to me at home sometimes, I just got so confused this weekend at grandmas, I know he knows her, but he rarely sees her, And he wanted her over me the whole weekend. I have never seen this with anyone else's little ones.

Answer: Dear Bonnie:

I am more concerned about you and this perspective that your child does not like you. This is not a popularity contest. Please let go of this now.

You state that you spend most of the time with him and you play and play. He would not play with you this much if he did not like you. Because you spend more time with him, he is bound to be more excited when he is with people he does not spend so much time with all day long.

I suggest doing some of the bedtime routines previously posted on my site such as body massage, bedtime games and routines are very important and will increase the good times you have together....

If you continue to have these feelings I strongly suggest getting into see a counselor for some short term counseling.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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