Thursday, July 14, 2011

I cheated in class!

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Questioner: Keegan

Subject: cheating

Question: Hello, I am 13 years old and I was caught cheating. I am supposed to write a letter of apology to my English Teacher, but I don't know what to say besides, "sorry" Can you please help me out, the only reason I cheated was because I didn't know what to do.

So please, my conscience is hurting bad.

Help me please


Answer: Dear Keegan:

You need to take responsibility for the action. First saying, "I am sorry."  and "Will you forgive me?" and "I will not ever do this again." is a real apology.

Secondly, include comments about why cheating is not a good thing to do. The most important reason cheating is not okay is that it keeps you from learning.

You see when you cheat, you cheat yourself more than anyone else. So maybe start your letter by apologizing to yourself that you committed this act which was not in your own best interest.

Nether you nor your teacher deserves to have to deal with cheating.

Then remember, you did a wrongful act however you are not a bad person so get back on track.

Everyday ends at midnight and begins all over again so you have a new start each day.

Choose to make each and every day a good day for you!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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