Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Falling 12month old

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Question: My daughter is 12 mos old and has been walking since she was 10 mos old. Just recently within the past week, she has been falling more often than usual.

She even falls more now than she did when she first started. And she doesn't just fall, she ends up rolling over or even flipping over. It doesn't hurt her but it's odd to me.

Could this be an indicator of a problem?

Answer: Dear Antownete:

Have you had her to the doctor recently? I would get her checked to see if she is having some sort of problem with her inner ears. Regardless that you are concerned means that she needs to be checked out so that you can quit worrying and enjoy these most precious moments. They grow up so quickly!

Best Wishes!

 M Kay Keller

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