Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby sucking on hands alot?

Question: Hello,

Our son (7 months old) is beginning to teethe and for the past 6 weeks or so has been sucking on his hands constantly -- to the point that he's getting "hickeys"/welts on each of his hands.

He isn't doing this out of hunger, and chooses his hands (smack between the thumb and forefinger) over teething rings, beads, and anything else we try to give him. If it weren't for the welts, we wouldn't be concerned...but what can we do for him?

Is it bad for him to be doing this?

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

Answer: Dear Eric:

Evidently it is harder on you than it is on him as he is showing a preference for his hands over the other teething toys you have offered him. Have you tried Popsicles? Often Popsicles are cold and tasty too. The coldness should relieve some of the pain. You may want to even make your own by putting flavored juice or water into ice cube trays and offering those to him.

Teething is very painful for babies. Their gums are very hard and having those sharp teeth push their way up and out into the world not only tears through the gum it also provides strong pressure from within. He doesn't seem to mind the smaller discomfort he is causing himself because he is getting some relief. He needs something else which give him as much relief as what is working for him now.

He is lucky to have parents who care so much!

M Kay Keller

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