Friday, June 10, 2011

My 13 year old is chubby.

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Subject: Daughter

Question: Hi M. Kay

My daughter is 13.She is average intelligence, has friends, no big issues.

She is however fairly chubby.

A lot of American kids are overweight,but its her bad luck to go to a school most of the girls are slender.

She eats what I think is an average amount,and gets an average amount of exercise.All her medicals are normal.My wife is a nurse and a pretty smart lady and is not too concerned.

She has always been chubby.

Do you think she will lose the fat as she gets into her teen years?

Her brother eats like a horse and stays skinny.I eat like a bird and am chubby.

We don't smoke or drink and try to keep a healthy active lifestyle.Thanks!

Answer: Dear Barry:

Well the good news is this is the only issue you are writing me about!

With all you wrote about her medicals being normal, she gets exercise etc....I wouldn't worry about it. Besides what can you really do about it? If you decide to address this issue with her when all is going so may upset the proverbial apple cart. If she was having health issues or suffering from it my advice would be to go to counseling. Probability is she will do something when it bothers her.

How about just really enjoying her while she is still at home?

Congratulations on doing a great job!

M Kay Keller

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