Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Questions to guide for any relationship

I recently found myself writing about relationships from what I have heard this week what I have learned in my own personal experience. I believe that any relationship that I am in whether it is a person relationship or a work relationship can stand this test. If not I need to make some decisions to support myself in my own growth this is practicing self compassion.

Questions to guide me in any relationship:

1. Is this relationship good for me?

2. Is this what I really want to live with?

3. What about this relationship supports my growth?

4. How do I feel about myself in this relationship?

5. Am I the best I can be in this relationship?

What I need:

Courage - to tell ones story with whole heart and love wholeheartedly

Compassion - to be kind to oneself and then others,

Connection -as a result of authenticity

Vulnerability - fully embrace vulnerability, believe that what makes me vulnerable makes me beautiful
Where I got these thoughts from:

What I have learned:

1. Shame and fear is the birthplace of joy and creativity and belonging and love

2. My body is wise

3. My feelings are my guide, resentment I violated my boundaries, anger I need to set a boundary, sadness I need to let go of something or someone......

4. My thinking is to be questioned

5. What I KNOW is my intuition is my friend who deserves my loyalty

6. My expression through art is my SOUL speaking up

What I desire:

Let myself be seen deeply, seen vulnerably, as being seen means I am alive

Love with my whole heart even though there is no guarantee of the outcome

Practice gratitude and lean onto joy

Believe I am enough right here, right now no argument,   I   AM ENOUGH!

To Remember:

Looking for the right person isn't as important as being the right person.

Falling in love with someone is not as important as falling in love with life and living each moment of my life.

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