Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Son's Sexuality?

Question: I have a 5 year old step son and a while ago he started grabbing and slapping my butt. I have told him not to do this but recently he has started doing it while I am sleeping. I will wake up to him trying to sneak his hand down my pants

Yesterday while I was sitting at the computer my husband noticed that he walked up behind me and started rubbing his penis on the chair. About an hour ago I was sleeping and I woke up to him lying on top of me with an erection. My husband and I don’t know how to handle this or what to say.

We don’t want to make him feel ashamed or embarrassed but this has to stop. I don’t want to do or say anything that will make him have a twisted idea of sexuality

Answer: Dear Jesse;

My answer my be too much for you. Most parents are terrified of these types of answers. Humans are the only species which have to learn about sex. You need to be asking where he learned this behavior. At the age of 5 he has been exposed inappropriately to sexual behavior. I stronger urge you to consult with child therapist who specializes, is credentialed and has been very successful working with children and sexual issues.

Children are often at great risk of sexual exploitation because predators will get to know us first and then go after the children. It is someone you know, someone you trust and/or love.

Please do get help for him and support for yourselves. It is not unusual for a baby or a child to orgasm and have an erection. What is unusual is that he is acting out towards you. He had to learn this behavior or see it or be exposed to it.

Best Wishes.

M Kay Keller

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