Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad sleeping habit of my 3 year old

Questioner: Gaea

Question: We recently moved, the move was difficult and on about our 3 rd night in the new house we were a;all up very late unpacking and such. Well this completely threw my 3 year old sleep routine off. And now he's going to sleep at like 4 am and waking up at 2 or so in the afternoon.

I tried for several nights to put him to bed with his normal routine at his normal time. but he would not go to sleep. I tried to keep him awake for as long as possible and let him nap for an hour during the day. But he would not wake up from his nap, or he would wake up for maybe 10 minutes and then when I wasn't looking go and lay down and fall asleep again.

I tried to let him got sleep at 4am but then wake him up at 7. But he was just to tired and would not get up no matter what. I am out of ideas, and very tired any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.

Answer: Dear Gaea:

Be patient he will get back to normal. You may try to introduce him to massage after he gets a bath. Bathing him will lower his body temperature and the massage should be enough to put him out. Check your routine to see if there are any uppers in your environment. Is the TV on? Is the stereo on? Is the computer on? Make sure the environment is geared to provide sleep cues.

Soft music and lights are also a part of providing a softer environment. Again realize children do not have a concept of time only routines. An interruption in their routing may take him a week or so to get back to his normal or a new normal. Be patient and remember he did not get to choose this move.

He may also be up because he is anxious about new surroundings. When you consider the changes he has experienced I am sure you will understand the interruption in his behavior.

Take some time to get acquainted with his new surroundings and his bedtime routine.

Best Wishes!
Dr. Mary Kay Keller

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