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Friday, March 25, 2011

3 yr old increased appetite and urination

 Question: My son will be 3 in January and lately (past week or so) he says he is hungry within minutes after finishing a meal and he is going to the bathroom (pee and sometimes pee & poop) often. Sometimes couple of times within an hour. The other day he went 3 times at daycare and again when we got home (he is in daycare for less than 4 hrs). Is this something I should be concerned with? A potential health issue?

Answer: Dear Tricia:

Sounds like you need a doctor's visit? Have you checked this out with his pediatrician? It maybe there is nothing other than a very active colon however it is concerning you and you need to listen to yourself.

If nothing is wrong physically then it maybe an anxiety issue. See if something is going on at the daycare. Stomach problems are not uncommon with children who are sensitive or uncomfortable with their environment.

M Kay Keller

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