Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swaddling my 3 month old

Questioner: Beth

Subject: swaddling my 3 month old

Question: I was wondering if it is okay to continue swaddling my 3 month old at nap time and bedtime. He is on a very good schedule but I can't get him to take a nap in his crib unless swaddled.

He sleeps great at night in his crib swaddled but I hate to have him swaddled at all his nap times. Because of this, I have been allowing him to take naps in his swing or bouncer because he will nap without being swaddled in both of these.

Is it necessary to have him take all his naps in his crib or is it okay to nap in swing or bouncer. Any guidance is appreciated.

Thanks Beth

Answer: Beth:

Swaddle but each time leave it a little bit looser. Wean him off of it. I believe babies use to be swaddled until they kicked it off.

Have you tried giving him a full infant massage before he goes to sleep. It is another natural way to deep sleep for a little one. Relaxes you as well.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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