Sunday, February 27, 2011

My 12 year old is acting out, please help!


Subject: Behavior issues

Question: I have a 12 year old daughter who was diagnosed at 6 years old as having ADHD. A problem we have had for a number of years is the fact that she rarely eats "real" food. She'll eat anything sweet and loves chips, etc. She only weighs about 63 pounds. An eating disorder isn't likely because the doctors say she doesn't mind the calories and doesn't like being thin.

Another problem we're having with her is stealing. She spent the night with a friend and we found out, by the friend calling, that she stole $140 and lied about it. She eventually confessed. Today, one of her teachers called to tell me that Amber had forged my signature on a project that she had turned in. He said it was obvious that it wasn't my signature, so he gave her the opportunity to admit that she did it, and she lied to him again. He called and was very upset. He also said that she didn't turn in her report that was due today. This afternoon I asked her did she turn in her report, she said yes. The thing that makes it even more disturbing is that she acts like she has no conscience. She has been in trouble for lying numerous times, and she keeps doing it. The problems are getting more serious. I haven't found anyone that has helped her.

She takes Concerta 36 mg and Zoloft 150.

Please help!

Answer: Dear Kimberly:

Well something is certainly going on. Sometimes children act out like this when they are hurting or if they are having anger issues. All children lie because they are afraid of something.

 However, I would suggest starting with having her pediatrician check her out for any physical complaints. Then finding a good counselor or therapist and seek out counseling for her. It never hurts to make it family therapy.

I am not an expert on medications so whatever she is on is not important to me. Your doctor will know more about the medications.


M Kay Keller

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