Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How do I get my 6 week old baby on a schedule?

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Subject: sleeping

Question: How do I start to schedule naps and night time sleeping for my 6 week old baby? Is it too soon? I much and how long she needs to be awake?



Answer: Anonymous

It is my opinion schedules are for adults who want convienence in their lives. Babies are pretty self contained and will let you know when they need sleep and when they want to be awake. Their sleeping is not for our benefit the actually grow in their sleep and their brain cells develop. Let her teach your baby teach you about what she needs. Listen to her body and you will teach her to listen to her body as well. What a great gift.

If you are concerned about getting some good quality sleep as most new parents are I have numerous postings here on how to set up bedtime routines.

Routines are not the same a schedule. Routines tell a baby what comes next in their daily activities. Keep a good routine and she will start to regulate herself accordingly (at an older age).

Make sure when you want her to rest your environment is quiet or has soft music. Turn off the TV, the radio, the computer or other noise. Play gently with her and learn to massage her. Babies who are massaged are happier babies which probably allows them to sleep better. If you want to read up on baby massage feel free to peruse through previous postings on Infant Massage.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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