Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby on a plane?

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Comment: Thank you very much. Your answer was very helpful.

Questioner: Lilac

Subject: baby on a plane

Question: Hello,

Our first baby is due November 14. We are planning a trip in mid February with the baby that will require a 5 hour flight. Is it safe to take a 3 months old baby on a flight?

Thank you very much.

Answer: Dear Lilac:

Is is safe as long as the doctor says everything is okay. You will want to check out the airlines requirements for baby carriers etc...they don't allow just any type on the plane from what I understand. If you are breastfeeding sometimes it is helpful to do so during the ascents and descents because it opens their ears.

Remember to be patient as little ones are as tired as we are from traveling and try to keep the routines as normal as possible. Include the idea of infant massage if your little one gets too stressed by all the change.

Above all ignore other people if they are not supportive. You have your hands full traveling with a baby, grumpy passengers are not your job they are the flight attendants job! Enjoy!

M Kay Keller

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