Monday, January 24, 2011

My toddler is keeping me up all night!


Subject: My toddler is keeping me up!

Question: Help! My son Andy will be 2 on Monday and he decided to give me a hard time sleeping now! Here is a little history: I did the Ferber Method with him when he was about 8 months old and it was a success. His bedtime routine has been this way for many months-

He would have his sippy cup with milk sitting on me in his rocking chair every night, then I would put him down, play the music and that was that! Occasionally he would get up in the middle of the night for some milk then go right back down. Now he is fighting the crib all together! And his middle of the night wakings are to 2-3 hours!

So, I decided to start the Ferber Method again BUT he is making himself throw up! At first, I changed the sheets and put him right back in but he does it again and again. I understand he is doing it to get me back in the room but I cannot keep changing the sheets and I cannot leave it there for him to sleep in, it smells!

So last night I was at my wits end. By the second round of throw up and being 2 a.m. I gave up. My husband and I took him to bed with us ONLY to find him hanging around not tired at all. What to do?

Why isn't he tired at that hour? Desperate I slept on a mattress on his floor back in the nursery having to remind and hush him every now and then till he fell asleep.

Now I am tired and frustrated because I do not know what to do to get him on track. I feel he has gotten worse after I let him cry a bit. I hope you can give me some advice or a new method that will work. THANKS!

I also noticed we have the option to talk over the phone? If you find it easier to talk to me then respond, you are more than welcome. 

Answer: Dear Dina:

I hope you posted this as a private posting because you telephone number is posted. I have a link on my page you can click on to hook up for a call.

I am concerned your son is throwing up when he is put into bed. He could choke. I am glad he has not.

I have several posting son bedtime routines. Feel feel to peruse these over the last month or so for more idea. I believe in a long bedtime routine for little ones. I start earlier in the evening turning down the lights, noise etc....

Using music is a good idea as well as a story, a bath (mandatory as it brings body temp down) and then a full baby massage. Who doesn't sleep good after a body massage.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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