Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 8 month old not sleeping

Questioner: Zachary

Subject: 8 month old son

Question: My son has been sleeping not well at all since we moved here to NY. He will sleep throughout the day in his naps but the whole taking turns trying to put him to bed is just not working. He won't go to sleep at night we have tried just about everything in the book and nothing seems to work maybe you can help me out.

Answer: Dear Zachary:

Please due scan previous questions and answers on bedtime routines. Bedtime routines are very important to children to help them turn down their systems so they can sleep deeply.

I suggest turning down the lights, noise (TV, computer, radio & stereo) to quiet the environment and promote relaxation for both of you. Bedtime stories, bath time and a full body massage (who doesn't sleep after a good massage!) My daughter has Cd's which have nature sounds and a heartbeat in the background. I can't listen to them without going to sleep too!

The important thing is to recognize there is a difference between a schedule (time) and routines (processes). Children take their cues from processes as they do not tell time or relate to time. They have to know what comes first, what's next and what is last. It cues them to know what to expect.

Best Wishes!
Dr. Mary Kay Keller

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