Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is my baby sleeping too long?


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Questioner: Anonymous

Subject: Daughter born at 30 weeks now is 4 months

Question: My Daughter J*** was born ten weeks early and is now gong to be four months old from her birth date. I understand that she is really only to be considered a two month old baby at this age. What worries me is the last two days she goes to bed at ten and wakes up at six. Which is eight straight hours.

This is great for me but not sure if it is good for her. Plus she seems to sleep more during the day also. This is my second child but not sure what all to expect with her being so early. Plus another issue would be that she spits up alot. Sometime it seems to be her whole bottle and then other times not much at all. She is gaining weight good but that also worries me with the spitting up. Hope you could give me some insight. Plus what to look forward to. Thanks

Answer: Dear Anonymous:
I am sure having a baby born early is enough to worry any mother. However, nothing you have described her is anything to be worried about. She sleeps alot.

Babies do sleep when they are about to grow. Sleep is good for them, thank your stars she sleeps. Next, spitting up is normal too as sometimes babies eat more than they can hold. Their tummies are only as big as their fist. She is gaining weight so just enjoy her and relax.

If you keep worrying you will miss all the fun of being with her.

Admire her, play with her and let yourself be okay.

She needs you to be okay.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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