Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How do I wean a 13 month old from crying all day at daycare?

Questioner: Jeanne

Subject: how to wean a 13mo old from crying all day at daycare

Question: I have a in home daycare business which i have 4 3-4 yr olds and a brother of one that is 13 mos. he will not stop crying if he is sat down. i have tried to play with him on the floor, in the walker/saucer, and have also tried to include him in table time with the older children. i put him there as well at lunch time and he seems to be okay for until i start to work with the other children on their projects.

 I loves his sister and she is very well behaved but I cannot hold him all day, i am the only provider attending to 4 preschoolers and 1 before and after school, so its hard when I'm trying to prepare food, projects, etc and even though i have the baby at my feet he is still reaching and crying for me.

I've tried to discuss it with his mother and she had tried to help somewhat in front of me but seems he continues, he refuses to try to walk or crawl towards me, he just screams and cries and holds his arms up to be picked up, once picked up he immediately stops. I don't want to have to terminate the contract with the children but it is affecting the other children's learning. please help with any suggestions.

Thank you.

Answer: Dear Jeannie;

He is only 13 months old and is probably very anxious about separation from his mom. Have you tried a sling? A sling allows him to be close to you and yet you can have your hands free. Eventually he will become more secure and want to get down and explore the world.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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