Friday, December 3, 2010

Timid 17 month old

Questioner: Shelly

Subject: Timid 17 mo old

Question: QUESTION: We have a 17 mo old daughter who is adopted from China. She seems to be very timid and shy in some situations. We have had her since she was 10 mo old. She is very well adjusted and has bonded very well with mom & dad. Is being timid a normal behavior for toddlers?

ANSWER: Dear Shelly:

Sometimes. Sometimes toddlers are, it really depends upon the personality. Who knows what her life was like for the first ten months?

She maybe a sensitive child. Have you noticed if she is sensitive to her surroundings or just people?

There is a really good book I like to recommend. "The Highly Sensitive Child." This is a paperback book and very easy reading.

She is well adjusted and has bonded with her mom and dad so there is not much to worry about. Just enjoy!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------
QUESTION: Do you know the author of "The Highly Sensitive Child"? Would love to read it. She is not sensitive to surroundings...seems to be just people.....Thanks

Answer: Actually there are two books. The book I was thinking of is called the Sensitive Child by Janet Poland, Ph.D. and Judi Craig, Ph.D..

The Highly Sensitive Child is by Elaine Aaron, Ph.D.. and she has a website if you do a google search you will find her.

I recommend the first book because it speaks of 4 different types of sensitivities, social, physical, emotional and I can't remember the last one as I read this book about ten years ago and was so impressed by it.

I reviewed the second authors website and the material would also help parents. Suggest starting with #1 and then #2. Also, J & J have books specific to each age 1 year olds, 2 year olds and 3 years olds. Always good for parent because each of these ages is so dramatically different from the last.

#2 Also, Aaron has books for parents and speaks of what parents can do when their child is sensitive and they are not.

Wonderful resources!

M Kay Keller

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