Friday, November 19, 2010

My 14 year old Niece

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Comment: Thank You soo much. I really appreciate and agree with your advice. I printed some information off the Internet and let my sister look over it before I gave it to my neice and that worked out well; so I think the shopping spree is a great idea! Thanks Again!

Questioner: Anonymous

Subject: 14 Year Old Niece

Question: My 14 year old niece has shown signs that she's interested or curious about sex since she was about 11 years old. It started with her ordering x-rated moives on cable, and now she's downloading pictures and sex movies off the internet. Her mother is very upset with her but I want to take a different approach. I don't think she's nasty or a freak; she's just curious. I guess I'm trying to figure out a way to approach the situation.

Answer: Dear Anonymous:
This of course is with mother's approval and since you are not her mom you need to clear this advice with her.

I think she is just curious as well. Many times parents are not comfortable talking about sex with their children, maybe because sex was not talked about when they were children or because it brings up to much grief that their child is no longer their baby. The reason isn't really as important as much as the child getting appropriate information.

Maybe you could offer to go on a shopping spree with mom to your local bookstore. There are really great books out their (with pictures) to teach children about sex. They are at all levels of development and reading styles. Start with the ones that make mom the most comfortable and then push her comfort level out a little bit each time.

You niece is fortunate to have someone like yourself to care about her as it truly does take a village to raise a child and moms and dads need perspective from those who love them all the most!

Best Wishes!

Feel free to call me if you want to talk.

M Kay Keller

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