Sunday, November 14, 2010

Milestones for a 5 month old

Knowledge Helpfulness Timeliness Politeness
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  Comment: I spoke with his pediatrician at his 4 month check up,and he basically told me the same thing.I guess I was looking for more of a personal experience.But thank-you for your reply,and my son&I will continue to have fun:)

 Questioner: Amber

Subject: 5 month developmental milestones

Question: Hi~

I just had a quick question regarding my 5 month old son.Since he turned 4 months he has been able to grab objects,move them from hand to hand,put them in mouth,grab ahold of his feet,socially smile, "answer back"when talking to him,and hold his head up fairly well when doing tummy time.My question is,is it normal for him to have a hard time with rolling over,and sitting up for short periods of time?He will sit up with mild support,but if the support is removed,he will begin to fall forward or backward,And with rolling over,he won't attempt to do so until you move his leg over his other leg to begin the roll.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated:)

Answer: Dear Amber:

All babies are different. Some babies do some things earlier than other and then do other activities later than others. If you are really worried then check with your pediatrician so you can quite worrying.

Check out Talaris' Timeline for development at:

Then go have some fun!

M Kay Keller

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