Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kay's Cure for what ails the world

     We talk politics and wonder what has gone wrong in a country were it is more patriotic to go to war and spend ourselves into an unpronounceable debt that it is to take care of our families and children, the sick, the most vulnerable of our citizens' needs go unfunded.

If you truly want to know where a nation's priorities and values are then look at how they spend their money.

I have heard parents complain about the cost of daycare when they make monthly car payments that are equal to or more than their childcare bill. Even though the child they say they care for so deeply is left in the hands of total strangers. What we say and what we do are often at odds with each other and do not produce the results we hoped for when we held our children in our arms.

When a child is born the face they see and come to know is the face of GOD. You are GOD to them. What face do you put on that represents GOD to your child?

Highly recommend this book. It is one of the best that I have read in years. My passion is parenting because I believe to truly make a change in the world we have to change how we care for our children. We have to be aware of how important parenting really is and how what we say and do affects our children. What we leave in the world is the love we left behind.

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