Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weaning a 14 month old

Questioner: Mohammad

Country: India

Subject: Weaning of 14 month old

Question: Hello, we are having a 14 month child who is breastfeeding and my wife is 8 weeks pregnant. She wants to continue breastfeeding but is unable to take adequate amount of food and fluids due to nausea and epigastric pain and is feeling very weak. So, we have decided to wean him off. But its very difficult. He takes only a few semisolid foods and is very selective about them. Its being very difficult to wean him off. Please help.

Dear Mohammad,

I would suggest that you allow the 14 month old to continue to suckle at the breast and even have mom hold him while he is feeding. He is bound to be selective about taking solid foods as he is showing you his preferences for food. I encourage you to mix what breastmilk mom does have with his food as well. This may stimulate him. If mom is too weak to hold him then spill some breastmilk onto a blanket and hold that near him while you feed him. He is conditioned to get his nourishment from his mother.

Also, do go to the La Leche League website and read up on ideas for when breastfeeding gets complicated. If this situation with mom is temporary he doesn't have to be permanently weaned. She maybe experiencing temporary morning sickness which goes away for most pregnant mothers in the 2nd trimester (4 month).

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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