Sunday, October 24, 2010

my daughter is pulling out hair


Subject: pulling out hair

Question: one of my daughters has this thing with pulling out hairs. She likes to pick at her arm and eyebrow for hair, it even gets to her pulling at other peoples arm hair. One time she ended up with a hairless eyebrow!!!
Now the other girl doesnt eat at all, but when it comes to dessert and candy, its gone quick! Ive tried so many things but nothing seems to be working, she can literally sit there for hours until she finishes her food

Answer: Dear Desiree:

You did not mention how old your daughter is at this time. However, even toddlers can exhibit signs of "Trichotillomani" which is a compulsion to pull hair.

I would encourage you to talk to her doctor and have her screened to determine is she suffers from Trichotillomania.

As for making children sit until they finish their food, not a good idea. Children usually will not skip meals until they starve themselves. I suggest not having dessert and candy out at anytime until your daughter has eaten some dinner.

When parents tell me their children will only eat junk food my answer is stop buying junk food. The parent is in control and sometimes needs to be reminded they are in fact in control.

If you set food out for meals and leave it there until the meal is over and then remove it when the meal is done. Eventually the child will learn to eat when food is available. However, if you make snacks and junk available in between meals then of course she will indulge herself.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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