Monday, October 25, 2010

My 4 year old suddenly changed his behavior


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Comment: Thank you very much for your help!

Questioner: claribel

Subject: change of behavior

Question: My 4 years old suddenly changed his behavior. He is not eating well, pee in his pants and became violent.

Can you tell me what's wrong?

Answer: Dear Claribel:

Any number of things could be triggering this change of behavior. Take a look at what changes are happening in his life. Has he recently changed child care providers, started in a new environment, is their a new sibling in the family, has he been moved? It sounds like he is regressing and usually regressive behavior is connected to a change in the child's environment that scares them. At the age of 4 most children do not have the verbal vocabulary to tell you what they are feeling.

If he has not experienced any environmental changes ask yourself who is new in his life or what is new in your life.

In the meantime sit down and let him color his feelings out. Drawing and story telling are excellent methods for getting to the bottom of what is bothering toddlers and pre-schoolers!

Best Wishes.

M Kay Keller

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