Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 2 year old is delayed in his milestones.


My boy is 2 yr 3 months old. he is going to playgroup for 1.45min for 5 days a week since July.
All his milestones have been delayed since birth. as of now, he understands everything told to him, all objects at home, animals etc he can pinpoint. but he is able to say only, papa, mummy, and 4-5 more words. he walk on his toes since he has started walking i.e 1.5yr.

He is hyperactive. doesn't sit at one place or do a activity for long time. shows tantrum when we go outside and cries. his birth was a normal delivery. How should I help him in building his attention span and also in his speech ability. please guide.

Thanks and regards, prats

Dear Prats,

As you state that your child has been delayed in his milestones since birth I would like to assume that you have had him evaluated by a developmental specialist. If not please do as it will help you both. A specialist can provide you with activities to help support your child's development and relieve you mind with answers to your questions.

I encourage you to refrain from labeling your child as hyper active and other negative labels as it is easy for any parent to fall into the trap of seeing their child through negativity rather than with the love they hold in their heart.


M Kay Keller

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