Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 15 month old squeals/screams

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Comment: Thanks so much for your kind response! It made me very hopeful for our family's future no matter what the turn out is. Sincerely, Ashley

Questioner: Ashley

Subject: 15 month old squeals/screams

Question: My 15 month old son squeals all the time, whether it is in frustration or excitement. He also says just a few words(mama, dada). He saw his pediatrician for his 15 month check-up a week ago and wants him to be evaluated by a developmental pediatrician.

He is very much "with us" and not in his own world. He interacts well with his sister, laughs at things we laugh at, plays with toys and plays games like peek-a-boo with us. He does not point at things and only says two words. There were a few other things on the test he gave me that my son did not do, so he ended up "failing" the test. That is why we are being referred.

I am worried that something is wrong. I started to wonder about his development over the past few months because we have a nephew that is 3 months younger than him and he is doing more than our son(except he doesn't walk). I know I am probably overreacting and worrying excessively because children all develop at different rates, but what is your opinion on the squealing/screaming? Is that another sign that something is wrong? Also, my son is pretty clingy and has been so for 6 months or more. Is that another sign of autism?

Answer: Dear Ashley:

First of all your son did not fail the developmental test. Developmental tests are based upon what most children at that age are doing. This means it has some flexibility.

Next, referring a child to be evaluated is a good thing as it will help you and him know if he does have something which needs to be addressed. Hopefully it is not the case however if he does have developmental delays it will be good to get assistance for him. Often children can not be at "normal" development and still not have a problem.

If you are concerned that he has autism then do a google search and read up on autism. See if it seems to fit however, do allow the evaluator to do their job and tell you what is going on.

I can hear the fear in your writing. You love this little boy and everything will be okay because you do love him. Regardless of how his test turn out. Even if there is something which is causing this delay there are so many resources now to deal with whatever maybe causing a delay you will both be blessed.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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