Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to cry a soothing infant at the daycare?

Questioner: sandy

Subject: how to sooth a crying infant at daycare

Question: Hi, I am a child care supervisor fo r my schools infant program. I have a 6mo old who is still crying for the better part of her day at day care. She has been at day care for a month and a halfr. What concerns me is that she seems to get upset when the other babies crwal around or get near her.
WEven when other teachers enter the room and approach her. I understand stanger anieties,but it seems more.She happy when they drop her off and happy when theypick her up. As soon as I put her down or she getsw startled she begins to cry.

I found that when she is so upset I have put her a swing and turned it around so she faces the wall. She starts laughing and playing. Any suggestions.

Answer: Dear Sandy:

I am not sure why your question was not answered before now. I am new on the site. So hopefully you can still use this answer.

These children are lucky to have someone care for them who is so concerned about them. There are many different reasons a baby might cry. She may just prefer to be held which is what she gets when she cries. Maybe her parents hold her at home and she doesn't get much floor action. I would talk to the parents and see what they suggest, besides they need to know what is going on with her. Also, see if they have asked the pediatrician if all is well with her. Then try putting her down a little at a time and picking her up when she does take and breath and is not crying. This will retrain her to receive positive attention when she is behaving quietly!


M Kay Keller

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