Friday, October 1, 2010

The best parenting is remembering to have fun as a parent!

Parents/caregivers need to learn that taking care of oneself first is the primary essential tool to a happy family. There is a reason the stewards tell you to put your facemask on before putting it onto the child sitting next to you in the plane. You cannot give what you do not have to give.

Taking care of oneself spiritually, emoitionally, financially and physically is essential for happy parenting. First it gives you more to give to others and second it is the most essential form of modeling that you can provide for your loved one. It gives your child an example of how a healthy adult lives.

1. Take time for yourself daily.
2. Remember to rest.
3. Eat healthy.
4. Get a massage, do yoga, meditate, pray, take quiet time just for you to rejuvenate your brain and body!
5. Exercise - do something fun not something you have to beat yourself up to make yourself do as you won't stick with it. Find a form of exercise that rejuvenates you! I love cycling and Zumba (
6. Do take financial stock of how you are spending your money. Do you have financial goals and are you working towards them? ( More people are in serious debt (80%) than are obese in our country (30%) yet we focus on what we see rather than what we hide!
7. Get a hobby! What have you let go or forgotten about that you had a passion for? Make time for hobbies. Fun people are fun people to be around!

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