Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What is the appropriate discipline for a 16 year old son?

Questioner: Beth

Subject: appropriate discipline for a 16year old son

Question: Our son took my car out for a ride while we were out for a dinner. He does not have his license or permit to drive. He totalled my car after hitting a curb. He has never done this before. He is ok and no damage was done to any person or property (other than my car).

What would be an appropriate discipline for this behavior?

Answer: Dear Beth: I can only assume you had some out of pocket expenses and the first thing for a serious consequence would be to pay you for whatever costs you incurred even if it was just gas expense to pick up your rental or whatever wasn't covered under your insurance.

Then if this were my child there would be no driver license for at least a minimum of 1 year. Taking a car without a drivers license or permit is a serious disregard for his own life as well as everyone else on the road regardless of whether or not he has done this before.

I find myself wondering why a 16 year old does not have a license or a permit. Either of these require a drivers training and would had emphasized driving safety. Has anyone explained the seriousness of driving without proper training or license?


M Kay Keller

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