Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teen using drugs?

Questioner: joanne

Subject: teen advice

Question: My 15 year old is using drugs. Marijuana and maybe something else. I am sure of it and go through her room as often as I can and confiscate. This is not helping her and should I continue?
 She is seeing a therapist.

I have talled about rehab and she tells me she is just bored and its summmer and not to worry. And she is in denial......Please advise. As there are many issues with her and she is failing school. She is Gay . has been for years. She is in a continuation school now. SHe has many friends. I worry so much about her well being. Is there anything I can do to help her?

Answer: Dear Joanne,

Yes! There are several things you can do to help her. You can put your foot down with clarity and tell her pot in your house is illegal and she will not continue to disrespect you by bringing illegal drugs into your home, (whether or not pot should be illegal is not of your concern here it is the statute, the law). She is putting you in legal risk by bringing her stash into your home.

Then the two of you start brainstorming things she can do or experience over the summer she will enjoy or learn from. If you can't come up with any you both agree on try this one, she can volunteer at the homeless shelter, the salvation army, the local domestic violence shelter or any other social service center. Sure to support her in realizing that boredom is a luxury and she can then be grateful for all the free time she has on her hands. I would also strongly suggest family counseling. Please feel free to post again if you need further answers.


M Kay Keller

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