Friday, August 20, 2010

Teen running away! Help!

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Questioner: Michelle Hayes

Subject: Teen Runaway

Question: Please help! I have a 14 year old son who ran away from home last week and returned yesterday. We have a lot of family problems, which we are working on, but I am so emotional right now about his being back home, I can't even begin to think about a punishment. His 15 year old brother is waiting in the wings to see what happens when you runaway... Help!

Answer: Dear Michelle, I am so sorry you are experiecing such tough parenting challenges. Yes, children do watch each other however they are not against you and are not necessarily watching to see what they can get away with as some children will make up their minds not to do what older brothers and sisters do. I suggest somewhat of a less than "them against us thinking" when it comes to your children. Children running away is one of the toughest heart breaks any parent faces during the teen years. A 14 year old running away is especially dangerous.

You did not mention if you are all in counseling? If you are not you need to be immediately as running away is a poor choice for your child to choose to resolve his personal issues. Family counseling which emphasizes personal responsibility and honest and open communication will be the most helpful. There is no harder work nor more rewarding work than parenting.

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M Kay Keller

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