Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teen asks about boys

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Questioner: clair

Subject: boys

Question: All I think about is this guy, he likes me and i like him, VERY MUCH, but he is going out with my best friend, what should i do, he wont break up with her, and she doesnt want me liking him, but i cant help it, i love him so much!!

Answer: Claire: Let me get this straight, you like him and he likes you BUT he won't break up with your BEST FRIEND. This isn't love when it hurts you and your best Friend. Love doesn't take what isn't yours to have and it doesn't ignore what doesn't come back at you.

1. He is telling you this is a one way street because he wants your best friend.

2. You need to learn to be your own best friend before you can truly be a best friend to someone else. (Would your best friend do this to you?)

3. His not being with you is not about you. This doesn't mean you are not a great person with a lot of wonderful qualities. It does mean you need to concentrate on your wonderful qualities and someone will be attracted to you because they too will love and appreciate you for who you are!

4. Best friends are hard to come by and guys who will string two women along at the same time are not worth ruining a best friendship!

Find something else to occupy your time.

Get a puppy!

M Kay Keller

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