Monday, August 2, 2010

Out of control can I help?


Subject: Out of control Sibling

Question: I will tell you what my parents are dealing with and maybe your view will help us decide on how to get through to my sister.

My sister is 16 and very pretty and can be sweet when and if she wants to be. In the past year she got caught drinking alcohol (and admitted she has been drinking regularly since she was 14!!!). We don't know if drugs are involved we suspect that they are.

She has come accustom to lying to our parents (She told my mom her friends grandmom was going to pick her up late one night, my sister then turned off the outside lights , walked down the driveway and headed for a car in a hurry, my mom watched as my sister got into a car with a guy.)

She has become in my moms words SNEAKY. She has a job and when she is not at work hangs with her friends she is never at home and my mom refers to home as a FLOP HOUSE now because my sister is there long enough to eat, shower, and sleep.

Her grades well lets just say she is slowly ruining any chances to going to a great college. Her attitude is and pretty much has been a problem she talks to my parents like they are dirt on her shoes. It makes me sad and angry. I love my sister but this person she has become has got to go! What can we do to make the situation a better one?

-Concerned Sister-

Answer: Dear Nicole:

Your sister admits she has been drinking since she was 14? She needs help for substance abuse immediately!

People who suffer from alcoholism LIE. They lie not because they are bad or not wanting to be good. They lie because it is part of the addiction.

The sneaking, lying and doing poorly at school...all indicators she needs help quickly and with a good qualified substance abuse counselor.

There is alanon for family members and alateen for siblings of people who suffer from use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs.....sounds like it is just alcohol. Alcohol abuse is the most common in our country. Please know you are not alone!

Get help quickly.

M Kay Keller

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