Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think my daughter is pregnant

Questioner: Anonymous

Subject: what to do?

Question: Dear Kay Keller,

My daughter and I have not been able to talk latly. I have found out from a friend of hers that she thinks she is pregnant. I am not sure how to bring this up to her.
I am not even sure if it is true. She is only 15 so this really scared me. We have never really been able to talk so i am not sure how she would react.How do i bring this up?



Answer: Dear Anonymous:

Sometimes talking to our children can feel like a scary thing to do. I sense that you don't want to say the wrong thing or somehow not be there for her in a way that turns her off. It is however more important that you do bring this topic off as the alternative is for her to deal with this alone, if it is true.

Children are very forgiving even when we do say the wrong thing. Take her somewhere and do something that she likes to do and casually tell her what you heard, let her know that you want her to be able to tell you anything and that you are interested in her life although you both have not shared much with each other in the past that you want to change this, then... LISTEN, Listen and listen some more.

If you haven't been close in the past she maynot want to talk to you about whether or not she is having sex or is pregnant. Offer to take her to a doctor so she can discuss her situation with them or possible see a counselor.

Best wishes!

M Kay Keller

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