Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worried about my 15 year old daughter not having a relationship


Subject: teen relationships

Question: I know I'm being overly concerned, but my daughter is only 15 she is very attractive, smart, and boys are interested in her however she always insists they just be friends which is fine, however i think she is afraid of a relationship and feels she is not worth their attention
she does not talk to me about this and i don't know how to help her feel better about her self... is there anything i can do to help her???

Answer: Dear Donna:

Yes you are being overly concerned. She hasn't talked to you about it probably because it is not an issue for her. I am slightly surprised by your question as most parents are trying to get their teenage girls away from the boys????

Insisting the boys just be friends maybe her way of keeping the pressure off of sex, however, it is not dysfunctional at the age of 15 it is just plain smart.

Write back when she is say 25 and older and hasn't entered into a relationship. :) LOL

Relax and trust yourself that you have done a good job! Enjoy the lack of chaos and have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!

M Kay Keller

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