Saturday, July 17, 2010


From: Rosa Maciel

Subject: Withrawn teenager

Question: Hello,
I am a divorced mom and I have a 15 yr old son,who has never wanted to attend school, and by never meaning since kindergarten. All the feedback I get from the teachers up to this day is that hes totally detached from the class, hes a quite, polite boy who never makes a disturbance, and that is the way he is at home. I have never been able to communicate 100% with him. he always respond : yes mom, I will mom.
When he gets home from school he goes to his room and stays there until time to eat.then he goes back to his room. Up to this day he has failed all his classes.
I took him to see a Psychologist, and he could not get a word out of him on the scheduled sessions. He is ashamed to walk next to me. I hope that your answer will also help any other moms that may be experiencing the same situation.

Answer: Dear Rosa,

My heart goes out to you. I can hear your frustrating and your pain. You mention he has always been like this since he started school. I would be interested in hearing how he reacted as a little toddler, a preschooler, before being in school full time. What kind of a baby was he?

I know you took him to a Psychologist. Did they do any mental health screenings? How has he failed in classes all these years and not received any screening from the school professionals?

Seriously, he has failed ALL of his classes and yet been promoted to the next grade each year since he first started school? That is what 9 or 10 grades?

He has never had a conversation with you in his entire life even though he can obviously speak to say two or three words?

I find this very puzzling.

Please feel free to respond and provide more details.


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