Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teen skipping school

Subject: Teen skipping school

Question: My 16-year-old son skipped three classes in the middle of the school day. The school informed me this morning. I knew he had come home in the middle of the day but he told me it was just to get a book.

Another student was gone at the same time so I think they may have come home and played video games.

My husband and I recently got my son a used car so that he can get himself to and from school because I just went back to work full-time and can't pick him up.

What should my reaction be when I see him and what should his punishment be. He's never skipped school before. He's a sophomore. He usually doesn't get into trouble at school, but his grades have been slipping this semester.

Answer: Dear Anonymous:

Your son hasn't skipped school before? Well that is the good news and yet you want to nip this in the bud quickly. I would make it very clear that having a car is a benefit not a right and if he is going to misuse his new benefit it will be recinded and be prepared to do so no matter how inconvient. Make back up arrangements for another parent or someone else to pick him up. You don't want this situation going south quickly.

Best wishes and remember if this is the first problem you have encountered you have done a great job!

M Kay Keller

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