Sunday, July 18, 2010

Teen girl asks about boys?


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Questioner: Alicia

Subject: boys

Question: well im 15 years old and i want to know why i keep thinking about my ex boyfriend. we were really close and perfect for eachother. i currently have a boyfriend and he's really conserned about my behavior when im with him.
 he thinks that im cheating on him but really all im doing in thinking about my ex. i still want to be with my man but i just dont know what to do. Can you help?

Answer: Alicia:

Well life is complicated when we are in relationships. Sometimes when we think about someone we use to know we are missing not necessarily them but what they represented to us. For instance think of what you liked about him and in particular what you liked and missed about the relationship with him. If you missed the excitement or the closeness that you had with him it maybe that you are missing these things in your current relationship. Often missing an ex is more about what they symbolize to you than what you actually miss about them.

Try writing down all of the things you liked about being with your ex and then checking off all of the things you have now in your current relationship.

Often relationships are not about finding the right person it is about being the right person. If you are missing something in your current relationship maybe it is up to you to bring this missing something into the relationship to make yourself happy???


M Kay Keller

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