Monday, July 12, 2010

Reactive attachment in teenage boys

Questioner: debbie

Subject: Reactive attachment in teenage boys

Question: I have a 14 year old son who was diagnoised with RAD when he was 9. We adopted him at 3. He has all the classic symptons of the disorder. He has made huge progress in bonding with me and his dad. His biggest challange is school. It has been a constant nightmare since the 1st grade.
 He is a SDC class right now ( 8th grade) but it is not working well.

I really would love for him to graduate from high school but don't want to send him to a boarding school. I live in the Palm Springs, California area. Is RAD something that falls under the umbrealla of Special Education? Do you know if there is a legitimate therapist in my area who understands this disorder? Can you recomend any books on parenting teenagers with RAD?

Thank you so much! I wiil look forward to hearing from you!

Answer: Dear Debbie,

Any school is required under the federal legislation of IDEA to provide what any child needs in order to excel in school. Often schools don't tell you what all they are required to do because it costs them money and they are always strapped for funds. You have to work closely and educate yourself on these issues. Google, google and google some more.

RAD is a mental health issue that would be classified as something requiring assistance. As for a therapist, ask around and some therapist will be able to refer you. However, a word of caution check out their credential and their success rates. Don't fall for those old rebirthing techniques. They have no research to substantiate their so called success.

I have lots of great reads for teens and about teens on my website, click on the menu item "Recommended Readings," scroll down to the recommends for teens.

Do check them out.

Your son is very fortunate to have you in his corner!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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